Where to Go in Russia?


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Our handpicked guides lead you on visits along within track of clamoring Moscow and St. Petersburg. Our off camera shut entryway Exeter Worldwide Remarkable Encounters make you a stride past the conventional, making a definitive extravagance Russian excursion. Why simply watch the expressive dance at the Bolshoi or the Mariinsky when we can take you backstage? Make a stride down into the Chilly War Shelter and venture back so as to Russia’s Soviet past. Get an insider sneak look into the Golden Room workshops at Catherine Royal residence and the Caverns of Peterhof.
Travel to the old fantasy towns of the Brilliant Ring, the name given to the neckband of towns and towns that circle Moscow and were made between the eleventh and fifteenth hundreds of years. These towns are probably the most imperative focuses of Russian Conventionality, from a period when the quantity of cloisters and houses of worship revealed to you how prosperous a town was. A significant number of these houses of worship filled in as a layout for the Moscow Kremlin church buildings fabricated numerous years after the fact.
The most effective method for active trips in Russia
Altered Travel
Our group of movement specialists can alter an exceptional program for you, in light of our Definitive Russia agenda.
We propose you permit at least three evenings in Moscow and four evenings in St. Petersburg. On the off chance that you wish incorporate the Brilliant Ring, we propose that you travel there after your underlying remain in Moscow, and before you travel to St. Petersburg.
Private Shore Trip
In the event that you are on a Baltic journey and in port in St. Petersburg, we can mastermind a private shore trip with your own Exeter hand-picked private guide. Our private shore journeys guarantee that you’ll get the most ideal experience, as well as customized benefit all through, enabling you to augment your time in port.
Russian river Journey
On the Volga Dream, you can investigate the conduits among Moscow and St. Petersburg including the staggering wooden town on Kizhi Island and the Brilliant Ring town of Yaroslavl with its old places of worship. In Moscow and St. Petersburg you will remain in focal lodgings in the core of every city before setting out on your voyage between the two capitals.
Similarly as energizing is the southern course from Moscow to Astrakhan on the Caspian Ocean on the Lower Volga, a cruising that brings you into the core of the genuine Russia. Remembering the historical backdrop of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) and seeing the consummately saved fortification of Nizhny Novgorod is something most explorers never get the opportunity to encounter.
Luxury Golden Eagle Train
The most epic rail venture on the planet – the eminent Trans – Siberian Express! Travel 6,500 miles on the rich Brilliant Hawk, your lavish inn on wheels. Amid your two weeks you will see probably the most one of a kind places on the planet, Lake Baikal, Ulaan Baatar, Vladivostok – relatively out of reach by some other course and surely not in a similar dimension of solace or extravagance.

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