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Pushkar, thinks in our imagination as a mythical place or mystical temples, cheap hotels, pilgrims and backpackers come together to form a strange universe! The small shops of Pushkar, lined with colorful streets, see all kinds of onlookers flocking. We can sit on a walk and spend the day watching this little world come to life! The site is superb! Pushkar is surrounded by high hills crowned with temples on one side, and seems to announce the desert of the other.

The sacred Pushkar Lake is surrounded by a multitude of temples and ashrams. All day pujas are organized in the dark waters of the lake.

You can go on a camel safari in the desert, climb the hills to reach perched temples that offer breathtaking views, or sip a lassi and witness moments of life that will remain forever in your memory .
In October / November, the Pushkar Fair, the largest in Rajasthan is the event not to be missed!
You can also go to Ajmer, Muslim holy city, where fakirs have taken the place of sashes around the tombs of Muslim saints.

Pushkar Attractions

Stroll around the sacred Pushkar Lake

High place of pilgrimage for more than 1000 years. According to a very ancient Vedic tradition, Pushkar Lake would be one of the five sacred lakes of India. Pilgrims flock there all year.  Around Pushkar Lake, 52 Ghats (stairs) well delimited according to the castes dive into these sacred waters. Immersion in the sacred lake would purify the soul and body of believers.
A local legend tells that a Rajput king was hunting a wild boar on the shores of the lake during a hunting expedition. In order to quench his thirst, he plunged his hand into Pushkar Lake and was astonished to see the vitiligo marks disappear on his hand. Since then, people have flocked to heal all kinds of ills.

Ghats around Pushkar Lake

The Temple Of Brahma

One of the few temples dedicated to the god Brahma

Few places of worship are dedicated to the creator god of the universe, Brahma. Pushkar is an exception.

During the great Pushkar fair, the temple dedicated to Brahma becomes the center of the world. A crazy energy reigns there. Only the most adventurous will manage to make their way to the shrine. The rest of the year, discovering it will be one of the rare opportunities to enter such a sanctuary.

Visit the Savitri Temple

Easily accessible by cable car, the climb up the mountain to the Savitri Temple should be early in the morning or at sunset.

The temple itself is of little interest. The view is superb! We can distinguish the small city of Pushkar surrounded by desert hill, also crowned with other temples. A colony of black-headed monkeys has settled around the temple. The photographers will be thrilled!

Nearby Pushkar (Ajmer)

Discover the Nasiyan temple in Ajmer. Everything is gold, silver and precious stones! Although sober on the outside, the Jain Nasiyan Temple is home to a fascinating room where mini models of various Jain temples of India, artifacts related to Jain mythology, and holy places of the country are represented. Everything is gold, silver and precious stones!

Discover the Adhai Din Ka Jhonpra Mosque in Ajmer

The mosque built in two and a half days! In the vicinity of Ajmer, you can discover the ruins of the Adhai-Din Ka-Jhonpra Mosque. This strange name means “built in two and a half days”. The original building was a Sanskrit college. Legend has it that a Muslim king turned it into a mosque using the remains of neighboring temples, hence the rapid construction! It is said that at least 30 pillars come directly from Hindu temples!

If you are planning your trip to Rajasthan, you can opt for luxury train Palace on Wheels which is the most famous luxury train in the world. The main riches of the mosque are the arches and the beautiful inscriptions in Islamic calligraphy. The Adhai-Din Ka-Jhonpra mosque is supported by 124 pillars all uniquely carved, supporting 10 splendid domes.

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