Places Not To Miss While Visiting Lake Windermere


Lake Windermere region is a particularly stunning and picture-perfect place that attracts visitors from all across the UK and from abroad. For experiencing the aura of this place one has to stay in a luxurious Lake Windermere hotel. From authentic food to shopping and lots of outdoor activities, a visit to the Windermere region is absolute bliss.

Here are the top places that you cannot miss while you visit Lake Windermere.

Explore Arts And Crafts

The Blackwell arts and crafts are one of the finest places in this region that features exotic decorative. This place is made by a much beautiful collection that gives the vibe of the Blackwell period. There is also a well-maintained garden where visitors can enjoy themselves a great time.

Theatre Time

An evening in the Old Laundry theatre means you get to see the live music concert, drama, comedy and film. It is a very popular place among the actors and playwrights. This place has also attracted stars such as Alan Rickman, Victoria Wood and many more.

Meet Beatrix Potter

A visitor cannot leave the Windermere region without seeing this museum. The World of Beatrix Potter and Windermere have a deep connection. It is here where your magical and fantasy tales come alive. This museum displays the story of Beatrix Potter with sights, sounds and effects. You can even organise an event where you can have a nice cup of tea with Peter Rabbit.

Cruise Journey

One of the best things that you can try in Lake Windermere is a cruise trip. This cruise duration can be between 45 minutes to 2-3 hours. Depending on where you want to go you can plan your trip. An hour of this cruise journey experience will take you through the scenic mountain beauty, secluded islands and wilderness. You will have a spectacular time close to nature.

Brockhole Adventure

This place has something for everyone. You can just do nothing and take in the scenic beauty of the place. Or you can take a walk through the garden to the shores of the lake region. There is also a nice play area for your kids. If you are adventure lover, you can go for treetop trek or wildlife experience in the woodland.

Amazing Views

Just above the Windermere region is the Orrest Head which is a viewpoint and offers a panoramic view of the Troutbeck valley on a clear day.

Give Yourself Love

Going for a relaxing spa therapy in the Windermere region is a great idea. There are a few exotic spa hotels offering ultimate soothing spa therapy. From body wraps to body polishing, you can enjoy lots of great spa treatments in the luxury of nature’s lap. Make sure you get yourself a signature spa treatment when you visit Windermere.

Great Dining

A perfect dining experience comes from authentic food. And Windermere has some of the best places to eat and drink. From local foods to award-winning hotels for food and drinks, you can always find a suitable place.

One cannot truly describe how rich and beautiful Windermere is. One has to visit the place to understand. So next time you plan for a memorable vacation, think about Lake Windermere.

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