Indian Visa Application: The Ultimate Guide for Your Visa Interview

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Why it is like we always concentrate on the initial state and, not give preference to the way it is leading. Just as in the process of Indian Visa application we always make notes of how to apply for it, what it takes to fill an application form and so on. Ever made a note of visa interviews scheduled after your application is accepted? Most of the people just think about the application denials but, they might not know about the rejections based on visa interviews. It is essential to focus on all the relevant information about Indian Visa application online but knowing about visa interviews is equally notable.  Understanding the same, we have mentioned a complete Indian Visa Interview Guide stating every possible information related to it.

The first and foremost rule of entering the venue for your visa interview is to be at the spot prior 15 minutes. The delay of 30 mins can cost you a total rejection and, you have to start your application process all over again. To dodge this unwanted situation, applicants should fix an appointment schedule which is comfortable for them. Remember that, you aren’t allowed to carry any of your assets inside the interview so, make sure you bring minimum belongings for your own convenience.

While going for a visa interview, you should know that children up to 14 years are only allowed to enter the venue if both the parents are present. There are times when both the parents can’t manage to come up together, at such times the present parent should carry a letter from the other parent stating the reason for not coming and agreeing to the child’s application for Indian Visa. However, these statements don’t apply to people above 80 years of age.

The Indian consulates won’t allow any of your relatives or friends to intrude on the applicant’s behalf or else your application would be rejected. In case of serious emergencies, the interested party is allowed to present facts to the Indian consulates. Keeping all these necessary information in mind you will be able to pass through the next level of visa application.

As soon as you enter the venue, complete the security checks and submit your passport to the consulates, you will be handed over a token. The next step after you receive the token is your name and the token number will be announced for paying the visa issuance fee. However, the paying of issuance fee truly depends upon the category of your visa and the country citizenship you hold.

Below mentioned are a few tips to help you further in the process:

  • Applicants who have applied for tourist visas must know the places they are traveling to as the consulates might ask it in the interview and if you fail to answer there is a possibility of your visa rejection.
  • For applicants applying for business visas, it is essential for you to work in the country for at least one year or else your resources will go in vain.
  • While standing outside the consular section, avoid pushing folder through the counter windows whether inside or outside the room. Also, keep all your documents in hand especially your visa application form and your passport so that you can easily approach the counter windows.
  • Remember that only legit and valid documents will be processed and, in case of any fraudulent activity or misinterpretation, you may lose your eligibility for visa application permanently.
  • Many applicants believe that there are chances of getting partial but, there is a strong need to clear all such facts. No consular officer conducts any partial activity, in fact, the results of verbal visa interview are truly based on the applicant’s personality and eligibility to pass the visa application process.
  • Other than documents, you should really work on your behavior as it all matters while you are sitting next to the interviewers. At times, the consular may turn out to be rude but, you have to be patient all the way. Even your slightest mistake can turn out to be a reason for your application denial. The key secret to impressing the consular is to respect them no matter what.

Make sure you leave with a clean chit and, no negative remarks are marked under your name.

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