Important Things To Know When Booking A Ticket For A Boat Party


Every company organising boat parties has terms and conditions. You need to be aware of them before you decide to get a ticket. You want this to be a great experience as the tickets are usually expensive. You want to make the most out of this experience.

Who can join?

You need to know first who can join the party. There are parties that are exclusive only for couples while others are for singles only. There are also parties that can go on for days while others are just for a few hours during the day. You need to know if you are qualified to join and if it is the type of party you want to take part in.

What is the payment scheme?

Aside from the cost, you also need to know how the payment will be made. Some companies allow a deposit of 50% while the remaining amount will be paid before the party begins. There are others who require full payment upon reservation. Speaking of reservations, it can be done days or even months in advance. However, once the tickets are sold out, you can no longer buy additional tickets. Boats can only accommodate a certain number of people. They won’t take the risk of accepting more people.

What is the seating arrangement?

In some cases, you can select your seats provided that you pay extra money. Others have a free seating arrangement. There are seating charts that can be checked online. The price for the reservation of a specific seat is subject to change without prior notice.

Can the reservation be cancelled?

The answer depends on the company. Some companies will accept complete cancellation provided that you are not given any refund. There are also those that will provide refunds as long as cancellation is done within a certain number of days prior to the actual party.

Other terms

If the boat is crossing international territories, you have to bring your passport. You should also prepare any necessary documents depending on your citizenship. You must be on your best behaviour too. Sometimes, unruly guests are forcefully removed from the boat. You must also bring your medicines since not all boats have a medic on standby. Even if they have, it is not easy getting to the nearest hospital from the boat.

Most of all, you need to have fun. If the terms are not favourable in the sense that there are too many restrictions, you might change your mind. You go to this type of party because you want to relax and just forget everything else. You should get exactly what you want

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