Grand Cayman – An Adventure Seeker’s Paradise


To many globetrotters of the world, the very mention of Grand Cayman brings to their mind bewitching images of picturesque beach weddings, mouth-watering seafood, delectable cocktail sips and an exciting nightlife. Enjoying distinction as a coveted holiday destination, the breathtaking island of Grand Cayman is also witness to many pleasure-seeking holidaymakers who throng its jaw-dropping shores for a relaxing and rejuvenating vacation.

Not that the largest of the three Cayman Islands is only worth a visit to for its abundance of natural beauty or its arresting sunset views. Contrary to popular belief, the surreal locale also packs in ample outdoor activities to keep you engaged throughout your stay.

Things To Do In Grand Cayman

Home to the gorgeous Seven Mile Beach with its striking white sand and azure waters, postcard-pretty flora and fauna that boast endemic species, an impressive marine life and a string of natural attractions including the eye-catching coral reefs, Grand Cayman is an extraordinary embodiment of relaxation meets exhilaration.

Whether you are a tourist who is looking for the adventure of a lifetime or a prospective visitor who is contemplating what to do in Grand Cayman, you can be rest assured that an exciting time awaits you at the captivating island in the form of amazing Grand Cayman excursions, underwater explorations, water sports, hiking trail, views of wrecked ships and a plenty of other recreational activities.

What To Do In Grand Cayman

Kick-start your fun time in Grand Cayman with a visit to the West Bay district’s Cayman Turtle Centre, also known as Cayman Turtle Farm. A popular sight-seeing spot with an annual footfall of more than 500,000 visitors, this conservation facility is your rare chance to have an up close and personal view of the endangered species of Green Sea Turtle and Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle – both belonging to the Cheloniidae family of large marine turtles that are characterized by their flat, streamlined wide and rounded shells and paddle-like flippers. Apart from an exhilarating session of swimming with turtles in Cayman Islands, a visit to the centre will also increase your know-how of many featured predators, birds, the alligator-like caiman and other creatures that are housed in this 23-acres facility.

Thinking of a trip to Grand Cayman without trying your hand at its popular water sports? Is it even possible? Of course not! No tour of Grand Cayman can be deemed complete without a round of its famous scuba diving and snorkeling. Much sought after by the adventure lovers, they offer you a one of a kind opportunity to discover deep sea marvels and to indulge in intimate encounters with postcard-pretty coral reefs and attractive tropical fish. Equally alluring is a swim with the Southern Rays at Grand Cayman’s Stingray City where a thrilling time is guaranteed as you spend delightful moments with the shy rays, petting, interacting and feeding them.

Think you have had enough of the aquatic pleasures and unearthing the mysteries of the land is next on your ‘to-do’ list? Then, jet off to the rocky shoreline of Hell in Grand Cayman’s West Bay for an unusual view. An uncanny stretch of black limestone formations, Hell makes you wonder if this is what its other infamous namesake must look like – one that is reserved for the evil to punish them after death!

Conclude your adventurous trip with the legendary footpath of Mastic Trail at the 2-million-year-old Mastic Reserve in Grand Cayman. Sprawling across an expansive tract of predominantly forested land, the 4-kilometer walking track is the only hiking trail in Grand Cayman. Named after the endangered Mastic Tree, Mastic Trail is a mind-blowing route that passes through the central part of Grand Cayman and is dotted with many ancient trees, plants and foliage. An enviable dwelling of several native birds, the shaded nature trail offers you a lifetime’s opportunity for a close view of the White-crowned Pigeon, Cuban Amazon, Caribbean Elaenia, Yucatan Vireo, West Indian Woodpecker, Caribbean Dove and many other bird species that are unique to this island. Indeed, Mastic Trail is one of the most enjoyable and fun things to do in Grand Cayman and is bound to leave you with memories that will linger in your mind, long after you are back from your vacation!

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