Are You Planning to Drive While You Are in Ireland


If you are planning a trip to Ireland for few days then you can rent a car and explore various places of the country. However, if you are not used to left hand driving then you need to get yourself familiar with such kind of driving.

Following are few important tips while you are driving in Ireland.

  1. Always drive on your left

Since, in Ireland the rule of driving is on the left side, people from other countries often feel inconvenient. Particularly while turning or crossing any other vehicle there can be little confusion. Therefore, you must always remember that while you are driving.

  1. Be careful about narrow country roads

Once you cross Dublin you will find most of the roads are getting narrow and if you are not used to drive on such narrow roads then you must not increase your speed. Try to maintain the speed so that you can see the road ahead of you and particularly in the curves or in hilly area, you must take special care.

  1. Prefer for smaller rental car

Unless you are in a large group, you should not go for bigger vehicle. Since you are driving in unfamiliar and narrow roads, it is much preferable to take smaller car so that it will be easier to control particularly on narrow lanes. You can also save cost of fuel and also get better parking place too.

  1. Need not rush while driving

You can take your own time while driving on countryside and there is no need of any rush driving. Usually, distances between various places are not too big, however due to road, it may take little longer time. Take help of google map to make an estimate how much time it will take to reach your destination.

  1. Rental car must be hired from any reputed company

It is better to take car on rental from any good and well-known company. You will normally get car which is well maintained and also it will be more fuel efficient as compared to many other not so well-known car rental companies.

  1. Driver’s license and age restrictions

Make sure that when you are driving in Ireland then you are not violating any rule. You must have driver’s license and must have driven at least 8 to 12 years. Therefore if you are below 25, then there could be challenges while renting a car. Also, if you are above 70 years of age then no rental company will prefer to give you car on rental.

  1. Prefer to take car on rental from outside of Dublin

Most tourists land at the capital city of Dublin however you should not prefer to take car on rental from here particularly, if you are not used to drive on your left. Therefore, to deal with traffic better, prefer to rent a car from outside of Dublin.

  1. Put a learner sticker

If you put learner sticker then other cars will keep a little distance from you.

  1. Avoid drunken driving

There are plenty of Irish drinks however you must avoid taking them before driving.

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