Apply Online For The US Visa Waiver Program


Have you any idea what kind of advantages a visa waiver can bring you while you are jet-setting yourself for the USA? Where to start with this one? Well, ESTA is a time-tested automated system, better known as the Electronic System for Travel Authorisation, which can keep all the hassles of waiting for your visa at bay and take you another level up with your travel plans.

Now the million dollar question is what is the need of visa waiver for your U.S. trip? Actually, the U.S. government aims to determine the eligibility of a traveller to fly to the U.S.A. under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). What do you gain? This process comes with an instant approval that holds the blueprint for your suitability to safely fly to your dream destination whether it’s for business or a pleasure. Let’s see how ESTA waiver works.

Approaching your Waiver

If you are a valid citizen of any country that supports VWP, you can start applying for your ESTA approval right away. The process can start just 72 Hours before you are ready to buy your flight tickets. The best part is that you save with a pile of paper works, one-to-one interviews and the procrastination over approvals that can’t be escaped when you apply for a visa.

The advantages

An esta visa waiver comes with a lot of benefits with it and it’s an apt solution for those who are expecting a hassle-free approval for their U.S. flights over a short notice. Once you are through with the eligibility screening, expect an authorisation in less than 30 minutes unless an exception occurs. Your authorisation will now be valid for two consecutive years. So, relax, you don’t need to make any new applications if your stay is under 90 days long.

 Make your trip hassle free

Gone are the days when you would have to print a document all by yourself and rush to a U.S. Embassy. Getting your ESTA visa waiver is now fast, safe and reliable like never before. In fact, it’s now just a few clicks away. Just go online, choose a secure website and submit your details. But go through the instructions carefully online before you are ready to submit your biographic data to answer the VWP eligibility questions.

Check for the following for your flawless ESTA application…

  • You need a valid passport,
  • You need a valid credit card,
  • You must submit your correct contact details,
  • You need to submit your recent employment data if any.

Finally, be sure to provide the correct details always as the airline service will electronically retrieve and check the details with the immigration services when you are ready to fly. Your waiver is the watering hole to your hassle-free boarding for the next couple of years till your passport expires. So, don’t waste your time. Just make an application today for your ESTA that will not only save you money but a lot of valuable time as well. Your U.S. flight awaits.

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