A Guide To Choosing A Boutique Hotel In The Cotswolds

  • What is a Boutique Hotel?

The definition of a Boutique Hotel is somewhat open to subjective opinion. However, it generally agreed that such hotels are, cosy with an ambiance of intimacy and luxury.

‘Cosy’ necessarily implies that a Boutique Hotel is not a sprawling city of endless rooms, restaurants and bars. ‘Cosy’ means not too big! Let’s say a hotel of less than a hundred rooms.

Furthermore, a Boutique Hotel will be more than likely located within a characteristically, idyllic, secluded and spectacular landscape setting.

However, even though there is no all-encompassing definition for a Boutique Hotel, one thing is for certain, you can expect excellent service and accommodation plus first class cuisine.

Also, Boutique Hotels in the Cotswolds may offer engaging activities for guests, cookery classes, guided walks etc. You may, however just decide to ‘chill’ within the sanctuary of such a peaceful setting.

Alternatively, you may choose to be pampered with the option of more relaxing therapeutic activities such as, perhaps, a soothing massage.

  • Are Boutique Hotels suitable for group parties and corporate events?

Very much so. The stress-free, cosy ambiance of a Boutique Hotel really makes for a perfect socialising environment. All backed up, of course, by excellent food and exemplary service.

First off you’d probably be wise to check out ‘Boutiques’ in your area by searching the internet. Or, you could save time and anxiety by seeking the recommendation of someone in the know.

This then brings us to the issue of finding a Boutique Hotel in the Cotswolds. Here’s a recommendation to get you started.

  • Best choice of Boutique Hotel in the Cotswolds?

For a classic example of a well-run, exquisite hotel in the delightful countryside setting of the Cotswolds, look no further than the THYME website.

The THYME hotel includes a gorgeously restored farmhouse and barn; the tasteful restoration of historic buildings is incentive enough to justify a visit.

Beautiful accommodation and unsurpassed stunning countryside make this one of the most idyllic venues in the country.

The spacious grounds are kept in splendid condition, in fact so much so that THYME organise tours around both their garden and farm.

THYME is renowned for their excellent award winning gourmet cuisine; healthy, delicious and inventive; with freshly harvested vegetables and eggs straight from the kitchen garden!

They’re even willing to share their gourmet secrets with all aspiring chefs; so why not join in one of the ‘delicious’ cooking classes?

No matter whether you require a tranquil, romantic weekend or a private corporate bash, THYME can accommodate.

Every angle is covered, a private function room or a restful drawing room in which to sip a unique cocktail or browse the morning papers.

Something for the discerning everyone.

Take a peek at the THYME website now. It’s informative, easy to navigate and complimented by some beautiful photography.

THYME is more than a hotel, it’s a total sensory experience! Beautiful architecture, tasteful décor, breath-taking scenery and impeccable service.

For a unique luxurious experience go to … THYME … you won’t want to leave!

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