4 Dishes You Must Try In Ontario


Canada is a country well-known for its iconic maple trees, Horseshow Falls, the Great Lakes, and other marvels of nature, and Ontario is its largest province. If you’ve been meaning to visit Ontario, make sure that you have an itinerary that allows you to taste the area’s food while visiting all of the landmarks.

One of the best things about traveling is the food you get to eat. From tasty snacks to exquisite treats, there’s so much to excite your taste buds with throughout Ontario. Try some of the best dishes that Ontario offers the next time you visit!

Pig Tails

If you’re looking for some delicious dishes, you should head on over to Waterloo. Here you’ll be offered a lot of meat to eat. From sausages to cooked cheese and even sour cream-based dishes, there’s a vast range of delicacies to choose from. Local produce is used for preparing each dish.

Restaurants in the region include the Charcoal Steakhouse, which is more than 60 years old and offers pig tails as a specialty. Upon ordering, you’ll be served pig tails cooked in apple marmalade and brown sugar sweet sauce served with Sichuan calamari and East Coast oysters. Other restaurants that serve pig tails include The Blue Moon and Kennedy’s Roadhouse. Try visiting them all if you have time.

Italian Pizza

While pizza is considered an Italian thing by many, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a mouthwatering slice in Ontario. Visit A1 Autostrada; it’s a restaurant, a bar, and a pizzeria! It’s also known for serving the best Italian cuisine in Vaughan. From excellent Canadian pasta to pizza rolls, you’ll have so much tasty fun going through the menu.

Visiting A1 Autostrada is highly recommended if you’re in Vaughan. This city also has Canada’s Wonderland, Vaughan Mills, and the Black Creek Pioneer Village. Book a hotel in Vaughan that’s near to the restaurants and places you want to visit in the city, and you’ll be all set to have a good time.


If you want to taste something a bit more iconic, how about trying BeaverTails? Don’t worry — there aren’t actual beaver tails in these pastries, which are also known as Queues de Castor. This treat can be described as a whole wheat pastry that resembles the tail of a beaver, hence the name. The pastry is placed in a deep fryer containing canola oil, then topped and served very hot! Topping options include maple bacon, cinnamon and sugar, chocolate hazelnut spread, and more. You’ll find outlets selling BeaverTails (which is also the name of the bakery) all over Ontario.

Peameal Bacon

There’s a lot of meat to be had in Ontario! Another dish you can try in Toronto (historically nicknamed “Hogtown”) is the peameal bacon. As the name implies, it’s bacon which has been rolled in peameal. You should definitely consider heading to the Carousel Bakery, located in the St. Lawrence Market, to pick up a classically prepared peameal bacon sandwich. Your taste buds won’t regret it!

The next time you’re heading to Ontario, Canada don’t miss out on the delicious dishes you have to try. You might even end up bringing some home too.

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