10 Tips For Hiring A Hotel Linen Service


There are many obvious differences between staying in a luxury hotel and staying in more economical lodgings. A luxury hotel offers more amenities than less expensive hotels, such as onsite spas, fitness facilities and restaurants. In addition, the linens for luxury hotels are softer, thicker, and generally last longer than those available at less costly hotels.

Hiring a Linen Service

The best way to supply your luxury hotels with the high-quality linens you need is to hire a linen service. These services can offer a variety of towels, robes and bed sheets to keep your rooms clean and stocked for your guests. High-quality linens will have a higher thread count so they are softer, and will withstand multiple washings better than lower quality sheets and towels.

Flexible Delivery Schedules

When you hire a linen service for your hotel, you will want to find one that is conveniently located to your business so you have the option of multiple deliveries per week. This provides a more flexible delivery schedule and makes it easier to change your linen orders if necessary. If your hotel is hosting a party, you may need more linen for your restaurant, so you can change your deliveries to reflect your additional needs.

Online Account Management

Since the advent of the Internet, receiving paper bills and posting a cheque to make a payment on accounts has almost become extinct. When searching for a linen service, you will want to find one that offers online account management to make it easier to review your monthly bill, make payments and make any necessary changes to your linen orders. You won’t need to keep track of paper bills, and you can receive payment or account change confirmations through email to make sure your requests have been fulfilled.

Linen Variety

You will want to hire a linen service that offers a variety of different linens for your hotel’s needs. For instance, you will want to stock each room with premium quality towels and bathrobes, but you may use lesser quality towels in your spas or fitness facilities that are better for wiping away sweat. You will also want to choose different size towels for each different area within the hotel, such as beach style towels for the swimming pool.

Colour Options

Although you may use primarily white towels and sheets for the guest rooms, you may want to have striped towels or different coloured towels for the spa, swimming pool and other areas of your hotel. You can use the colour differences to help determine which department the towels belong in. For instance, you may want to have striped towels in the swimming pool area or tan towels for your day spa.

Dedicated Account Manager

Whether you own a single hotel or several luxury hotels in many areas, you will want to have a contact person to answer questions or help you when problems arise. A dedicated account manager will become familiar with your business and can anticipate your needs for each location. A dedicated account manager can also suggest better quality products when they are available for your hotels.

Available Customer Service

Even though you can manage your linen service account online, you will still want to select a company with a customer service department that is readily available. You should be able to contact the customer service department during normal business hours and, preferably, outside of traditional business hours too. This allows you to contact someone in customer service if you have simple questions regarding your linen account.

Sustainable Cleaning Solutions

As more people become concerned with the environment, they are giving their business to companies that make an effort to use more environmentally sustainable techniques in their business operations. Your customers will want to know that the services you use to care about the environment, so that means finding a linen service that uses more sustainable cleaning techniques. This means it uses less water to wash linens, and uses fewer toxic chemicals in the laundering process.

Offers Quality Control

A good linen service will make sure your towels, sheets and bathrobes are always in good shape and replace those that look worn or are stained. Guests who are spending several hundred pounds with your hotel during their stay do not want to find dirty or worn linens in the bathroom or on the bed. This will make your luxury hotel seem subpar, and you will be risking your reputation with your customers if the quality of the linens you use is inconsistent.

No Surprise Costs

A good linen service will provide all the information about its charges up front, so there will not be any surprise costs when you review the bill. Some companies will tack on charges for replacing linens, or for adding additional deliveries when you need more linen for a special function at your hotel. However, you should be made aware of any additional charges on your normal bill, so you can adjust your budget.

No Unnecessary Commitments

While some linen services may require a six or 12-month contract to provide your business with services, you should be able to find a good linen service that offers its services without a contract. This allows you to try the service and, if you are unhappy with it, you can cancel it at any time without being penalised for the cancellation. If you do sign a contract, read it carefully and make sure everything promised to you is in writing, to prevent any misunderstandings with the linen service.

The quality of the bed linens, towels and bathrobes are important to a luxury hotel, and you will want to make sure the linen service supplying your needs is able to provide high-quality linens for your hotel. Ask to see samples before committing to a service, so you can judge the quality for yourself. By following these tips, you should be able to find the best linen service for your luxury hotel business.

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